Team level: The first and foremost aspect. This level determines the level cap for everything else. Completing daily quests and fighting battles to get "Team Exp" is the primary ways to level up.

Character levels: Each individual character can gain levels by eating various rarities of "EXP fruit" Which portraits looks like bananas and bunches of bananas. A characters level cap is based on the "Team level" (ie. When the Team level is 10 each character can be level 10.) Character levels increase the power of your character as well as unlock skills and attributes at certain checkpoints. This can be done in either the "Skill", "Upgrading", or "Train" tabs in the character profile under the sprite picture. Click the [+] next to the bar that says "EXP" and it will allow you to feed the character Exp fruit.

  • Single Banana - Grey - 100 exp
  • Banana Bunch - Green - 500 exp
  • Banana Bunch - Blue - 1,500 exp
  • Circle Fruit - Purple - 5,000 exp

Star Levels: The rarity and base modifiers of a character are determined by its star level, the highest and most powerful being a 5-star. You can get any character in the game to a 5-star by using "Stones" of that character. When you use enough stones the character will star up and its base modifiers will increase, generally significantly increasing the characters power.

Skill: This is found in the "Skill" tab in the character profile. Each character has four skills seen in the right hand column of the tab. The first skill is the "Anger" skill which can be used once that character has a full Anger bar. The other three must be unlocked by "upgrading" the character. Once a skill is unlocked it can be upgraded further by clicking the [+] within the skill box. Each skill level requires 1 (SP) or Skill point which regenerates 1 every 5 minutes as well as an increasing amount of gold. Any skills level cap is the team level.

Upgrading: Done by going to the "Upgrading" tab in the character profile. By clicking the portrait of the weapon under the "Consume Item" header, you go to the forging screen. Click the portrait of the item you need and it will take you to an easy battle to obtain the item. Once you have forged the weapon you click the "Upgrade" button at the bottom of the page. You spend "Train Points" to upgrade the character. Each time a character is upgraded, the boarder around it changes color and it gets an additional +1 for each time it has been upgraded. This process is required to unlock the characters secondary skills.

  • Character, White - how you get them, has "Anger" skill unlocked.
  • Character +1, Green - Unlock 2nd skill - 100 Train Points
  • Character +2, Blue - No skill change - 500 Train Points
  • Character +3, Purple - Unlock 3rd skill - 1500 Train Points
  • Character +4, Orange with blue gems - No skill change - 5,000 Train Points
  • Character +5, Yellow with orange gems - Unlocks final skill - 20,000 Train Points
  • Unconfirmed +6

Training: Done by going to the "training" tab in the character profile. Consumes green gems called "Train Beads" as well as a small amount of either Train points, Gold or Diamonds. Doing this increases particular defensive stats of your character as seen in hollowed out bubbles. By clicking the "Train" Button arrows and numbers will appear over the hollowed out bubbles indicating how the training will effect the character, either raising or lowering a stat by a random amount. You can continue to hit the train button to change the arrows before you make it permanent. Once you click the "Replace" button It makes the shown effect permanent and consumes the resource you have check marked. (unverified if clicking train multiple times before clicking replace will consume the additive resources. Then you can repeat the training process again.

Ruin Jade: Done by going to the "Ruin Jade" tab in the character profile. Consumes "Jade Pieces" of varying color to increase your Power, Agility, Intelligence and Vitality stats by 6% per level. Each piece is worth a different amount of jade exp and once you use enough, all of your base stats will be increased.

Different Pieces:

  • Normal Piece - Green - 5 jade exp
  • Fine Piece - Blue - 20 jade exp
  • Finest Piece - Purple - 50 jade exp
  • Legendary Piece - Orange - 100 jade exp

Cost to Level:

  • Level 0 > 1: 30 jade exp - 6%
  • Level 1 > 2: 90 jade exp - 12%
  • Level 2 > 3: 270 jade exp - 18%
  • Level 3 > 4: 640 jade exp - 24%
  • Level 4 > 5 1280 jade exp - 30%
  • Level 6+(unverified)

You can also refund some of the jade pieces on characters you don't want anymore or that you want to manage differently by clicking the "Resolve" button to the right of the exp bar. This will refund (amount unverified) your jade exp back into pieces sometimes in higher increments then what you used to level them up.

Sacrifice: Done by going to the "Sacrifice" tab in the character profile. You may consume "Beast Soul Stone" or any character "stone" you don't want, to increase an attribute of the character. Certain level requirements are needed to be able to sacrifice to particular attributes. The sacrifice level caps at the "Team level"

  • level 20 - unlock character's main attribute: (Intelligence, Dexterity, Strength)
  • level 25 - unlock Vitality attribute
  • level 30 - unlock Physical resistance attribute
  • level 35 - unlock Magical resistance attribute
  • level 40 - unlock attribute unique to character
  • level 45 - unlock attribute unique to character

Stones and Beast Soul Stones give 5 exp.

Attribute level 0-37 take 5 exp/level. 37-40 take 10 exp/level. 41-46 take 15 exp/level. 47-??? take 20 exp/level. (more increments unconfirmed)

Ward Upgrades: Each of the three rows can be upgraded separately by finding and "inlaying" particular artifacts found in the game. Some items need to be "Forged" by combining two or more items into the more rare item. These items have no use outside of being Inlayed. For each "Stage" the row is on six items will need to be Inlayed before it can upgrade. Once the row upgrades all the items passive effects get put into that row permanently and a new set of six items is required for the next stage. The enhancing effects of the row effect all character in it.

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