7 Day Activity:

Server Fund:

Shop: See "Shops" page

VIP Gifts: When you charge your account with diamonds to varying levels you will earn "VIP status" There are multiple tiers of VIP depending how much you charge your account. By clicking this icon you can receive the 1 time bonuses when you first reach a new tier as well as your daily rewards for being on a particular tier each day.


Mailbox: Place where you receive mail from the game. Primary purpose is to deliver bonuses and prizes.

Friend: New feature allowing you to have a number of friends (amount unverified). You may send each of your friends energy each day up to a limit (unverified) when you do you receive 1 energy yourself. When you accept an energy pack from your friend you get 5 energy up to a max of 40 each day.

Battle: The main story line of the game. Looks like a horizontal path or road themed to the chapter. There will be character figures and scroll markers standing along the path.

  1. Battle Elite: Set up the same way as the normal chapter map however these fights are generally much harder and have a chance to drop the "Stone" of the character featured. There are no scroll markers in this mode. You may fight any one elite battle three times per day.

Draw Card:

  • Small Shrine: Blue in color and looks like a moon. You get 5 free uses every day and must wait 10 minutes between each use. You may pay 10000 gold for each additional use. You may pay a larger fee for a 10x use which guarantees a Blue article. You can get low level exp fruit, articles, stones as well as some 1 and 2 star characters.
  • Large Shrine: Gold in color and looks like a sun. You get 1 free use every 46 hours. You may pay 288 diamonds for each additional use. You may pay a larger fee for a 10x use which guarantees a character. This character may be a one, two or three star character. You can get varying amounts of "soul" currency, as well as higher rarities of exp fruit, articles and 1-3 star characters.

The shrines may summon a character you already have unlocked. From my experience if you do not own the character it summons, on either shrine, it will unlock that character automatically for you. However if you already have the character, for a 1 star character you get 8 stones and for a 2 star character you get 24 stones. (3 star character unverified)

Recycle: You may turn unwanted characters into "Soul" for use on other character stones. The character you wish to recycle can not be in your defensive line up in any area. You may push the "Resolve" button to destroy the character and receive soul or you may Push the "Advanced Resolve" button and spend diamonds to give you a greater return. The higher the star level, higher training, higher sacrifices and jade levels will return more of the correlating currency.


Daily Task:

  1. Arena: Can be done five times each day. Fighting other players on the game with the aim to be ranked number 1!. The lower the rank the better. (unsure how match making is done). By clicking the "Lineup" button at the top left of the Arena screen you may select your defensive battle party. This is different from your offensive battle party.

2. Coin Farm: Can be done two times each day. Fight game monsters, the more damage you deal the more gold you get.

3. Miao Kiyama: Can be done three times each day. Fight game monsters, get Exp fruit for winning.

4. Adventure: Can be done once a day until you fail three fights. A long windy road filled with fights and treasure chests. Each time you defeat a fight you get a treasure chest which will vary in rarity. Each chest will contain either Battle points or Belly along with either Gold or 3 stones of a random character. The currency and item shone will be what you get and increasing the rarity of the chest only increases the quantity you receive. You may either push the "This is the one" button which will give you the reward, or you may push the "Refresh" button which consumes 5 diamonds each press. Pushing the Refresh button has a chance to increase or decrease the rarity of the treasure chest. The higher the rarity, the higher the quantity of the revealed reward you receive. If your teams power is greater that the power of the stage, you may push the "Ikeypass" button on the bottom left of the fight prep screen to immediately win the battle and move to the treasure chest. This will not effect the starting rarity of the treasure chest. You get one free area reset a day and then you need to spend diamonds to reset it further.

5. Vegeta: Can be done two times a day and has three difficulties. Fight game monster, You get 1-2 chests for every 5 seconds that pass during the fight. On the lower difficulty fights, there is a chance to receive a more rare chest. Chests can contain Exp fruit, "Stones", artifacts, trash items and gold. (need to confirm more drops)

6. New World: Can be done as many times a day as you wish. Time based event. You send a team out to collect gold and maybe some diamonds or exp fruit for you (need to confirm how this works). You send them out for either 1 hour, 3 hours or 10 hours. It appears that if you send your team out you can still use those characters for other parts of the game simultaneously. You can also "Loot" for a small search fee of gold which means you can fight other players who are digging and attempt to steal their gold. As far as my research goes the gold stolen is negligible. After the time has elapsed you receive the gold, fruit and or diamonds.

7. Bean Trial:Unlocked at Team level 35. Can be done two times a day. Fight game monster, get Training beads.

Bag: Holds your items and stones. (Limit not verified)

Ward: Enhancements to your "Rows". See page "Leveling and Upgrading"

Fellow: The full character list. Characters you own will have colored in portraits and the ones you do not own will be grayed out with a bar showing how many stones you have of that character. By clicking the portrait you may view that characters details.

Task: All of your daily and long term quests. Clicking the quest icons while you have it will take you to the necessary place to complete the quest if you can.

Switch Menu: Looks like a Yellow + in a blue bubble. Shifts out the current right and bottom side icons and switches in a new set of Icons.

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