Certain Combinations of characters have the ability to combine their "Anger Attack". When the Anger bar for each character involved is filled, a bubble with lightning connecting them will appear. They will perform a special attack that is much more powerful then either of their abilities are solo. However there aren't that many combinations at the moment. Below lists the current Trigger character combinations.

  • Berry and Byakuya
  • Straw Hat and Firefist
  • Kaguya and Snake
  • Nana and Empress
  • Hunter and Black Feet
  • Wukong and Veggie
  • Lee and Sand
  • Vortex and Avenger
  • (Avenger and Kaguya and Vortex) this is the wording displayed in the game for Avenger. I have not verified if this is a typo or if it actually requires all three characters.
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