There is a 3x3 grid forming a square of 9 cells. This is further divided into three rows: Back row, Middle row, Front row. Each of the different characters available in the game are assigned to a row. You are allowed to have five characters in a battle team at any one time and only three in one row at any one time. The opposing team is constructed in the same way, although the characters in each team may be different depending on the player. Pre-set levels can have more than five sprites.

Once the battle starts each character has a "basic attack" where they throw something or slash an enemy. After each basic attack, or receiving damage, the "Anger bar" fills slightly. Once the Anger bar is full the character can use its "Anger attack" which is a special skill that is very powerful.

Upon reaching higher levels the characters gain and use other abilities that influence the fight but are considered much less powerful.

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